By the Light of the Moon

Terrence Narinesingh has made a huge imprint on the modern day poetic fabric. He has gained popularity with his debut book, Fields of Stone. As a sequel, he has now produced “By the Light of the Moon.” Terrence is an animal lover, school administrator, university professor and poet. “I’ve always had a passion for writing poetry,” he confesses, “it’s magical as if the words flow through my body and imprint on the pages.” By the Light of the Moon encompasses a flurry of emotions from heartbreak to tugging at your heartstrings and the beauty of nature. It is surely a treasured keepsake. 


Terrence grew up in Chaguanas, Trinidad, and is the last of nine children. Terrence’s childhood was spent largely reading and writing short stories and poetry. “I got the opportunity to be the children’s editor for one edition of the national newspaper called Junior Express during middle school. It was one of the best experiences of my life!” Throughout his adolescence, he turned to writing as a means to deal with the tough times growing up. “I admired my mother and she always pushed me to become someone and live a better life than she did.”


In 2004, Terrence moved to Miami, Florida where he pursued a degree in Biology. He worked for the honors program at Florida Memorial University and pioneered the first honors program newsletter and scholarly journal. “When the Honors Program Director found out that my passion was writing and that I had experience in communications, I was immediately offered a student position in the honors program as the Editor-in-Chief.


Upon graduation in 2006, Terrence followed in his sister’s footsteps and became a teacher. “I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children,” he shares, “it is the most rewarding profession and the crowning glory is seeing students graduate and pursue college and career aspirations.” Terrence continued his educational quests and earned a Master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education from Florida Memorial University and a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. 


He is currently a Supervising Assistant Principal in the Department of Charter Schools in the School District of Palm Beach County, FL and an Adjunct Professor of Educational Leadership at Barry University. “The sequel is a constant motivation that you should keep pursuing your dreams until they come true over and over again! You should never stop dreaming!”


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